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4 weeks ago

Yes, I have so much loss of temperature control, I have an adjustable bed in my living room where I can always have my legs elevated when it’s time to sit. I also have heating blankets on both of my beds which I use for the first 2 hours when I rest. I also notice that when I’m done eating a meal, my arms freeze from my shoulders to my hands and I have to bring the heating blanket up to my neck to get warm. I also have a portable heater in my kitchen for when I’m trying to prepare a meal or do dishes. When I get migraines, my nose and face freeze too! You’re not alone. Take care of yourself & be as comfortable as possible! I think you’ll have a little more energy if your body isn’t always fighting to keep warm? I even gave up using my desktop computer because of how cold my hands would get touching the keyboard. I had to have a mini heater that sat on my desk. I hope that you can find some ideas about keeping warm ❄️ ❄️❄️❄️