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3 weeks ago

I have drop foot on my right side and I think it was going on before it was really acknowledged. I also had to have foot surgery as a late teen to remove an extra navicular bone in my arch (hereditary) that left me a bit flat footed on that side.

A PT I was going to suggested I only wear “rocker sole” shoes that rock the foot forward and don’t flex through the arch. That seems to help me. I also had an AFO for some time (kind of like an en extended shoe horn that goes up the back of your calf and straps around your shin) that holds your toes up so you don’t stumble on them. It ended up not working after a bit and my shin muscles had atrophied, for awhile it seemed to be an answer. In Europe they use FES devices and I have asked for one of them (LS300 Go system) that I really liked but US insurance balks at them. I am getting new insurance so think I will ask for that again-