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3 weeks ago

I was blaming MS for my left arm easily tiring when elevated to about shoulder level, like moving clothes around in the closet. Hand was getting tingly and felt like I had stuck it in nettles.

My Neuro didn’t believe it was MS and pointed out that, like other humans, I could have problems other than MS ;-0 Sometimes nature is just too generous! (as Dr Boster says in You Tube Videos).

So I went to a GP that sent me in for a massage and to yoga. The massage gal is brilliant and could tell my 1st rib wasn’t staying in position and was bumping up against my collarbone that had been broken when I was a toddler. I may have a bit of a bump or spot on it as well and the result was that a nerve was being pinched. She said I should go to a Chiro. A few adjustments later, some good shoulder exercises (Yoga and Belly Dance) and no more shoulder/hand issues.

It may be MS but also check if it could have another cause that can be rectified. All my other MS symptoms are towards gait, balance and my legs (right one in particular) so this one seemed strange to me…follow you gut and chase it down. It may be MS…but- well, it may not. In one of Dr Boster’s You Tube videos on reading your MRI he covers what lesions in different areas of the brain are most likely to result in and the location of mine ties in with exactly what I feel in my body and none around my hands or trunk…so that was also consistent with my shoulder/hand issues really being due to the pinched nerve.