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3 weeks ago

I completely get where you’re coming from, I found myself constantly repeating myself and whatever I was saying falling on deaf ears, so I decided to write down what it is and how if affects me etc and share it on Facebook for people to look at at their leisure. I found this helped a lot. MS is a very complex illness which confuses me at times, so I by no means expect others to understand what it is that I’m/we are going through. There’s only so much you can do; explain to people how it affects YOU, send them a few links etc to have a look through, too.

Whilst few and far between, I still get these attitudes from people, or maybe I have just become more resilient to it over the years in my approach on how to respond/inform people.

Like @chezy17 said – I don’t see my MS as a curse or hindrance and am certainly doing a hell of a lot more with my life post MS diagnosis.