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1 month ago

Hello @aaron_holden, welcome to Shift. My initial testing and MRI was through private care too, although I went back into NHS care for the diagnosis etc as that’s where the most specialist doctors are. Do you have an MS nurse, and has treatment been discussed? As mentioned above, it’s good to let HR know, although you don’t have too. An Occupational Health assessment is great, as they can discuss reasonable adjustments that might be called for if things change, or if you have a blip.

Your positive outlook will go a long way! Most people with a diagnosis would tell you that it probably takes a year to get used to, and absorb the diagnosis. When I look back on my last three years since dx (at age 50) I would say that Yr 1 was spent recovering (emotionally, trying to add a gentle exercise routine to maintain strength). Yr 2 was spent restructuring; for me, this involved planning to move to a different city in order to jettison the mortgage, work less. Yr 3 was spent refining things, looking at the small print of my life path. All in all, being diagnosed has had some upsides; being more appreciative of smaller things, improving my diet, better at organisation (a real challenge!) etc. Anyways, hope you enjoy Shift, have a great weekend 🙂