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1 month ago

@carole-ann_scott it sounds like your neurologist is a dinosaur within MS neurology, or as mine describes them ‘one of the laggards’ and he’s only referring to the ones that prescribe outdated drugs…as for the ones not treating MS ! He is outraged by that.
As for the ‘benign’ word used with MS, that is now highly contested and many argue, meaningless.
Of course you feel as you do. Its your body and you know what has changed. I’d be fizzing.
Perhaps there is another neurologist in your treating hospital who is more up to date and one of the nurses/your GP could get your care transferred to them (that what I did after a few months of frustration).
Your profile doesn’t include where you live, if you have another MS specialist centre near you I would ask your GP for a referral there. I ended up doing that because I knew I needed a different more active approach. It can take time unfortunately but not as long as
It takes to wait for these out-of-daters to get to retirement.
Keep on persisting, and good luck.