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1 month ago

@henrietta Apologies for the delay in replying – but glad that you’ve had a constructive chat in the meantime on the Helpline.

I was diagnosed in mid-April but by the time the MDT had met to discuss my potential eligibility for different DMTs and I’d had my introductory chat with one of the MS nurses and had the initial bloods done to check that I was ok to start on Tecfidera, another three months had gone by. So the kind of time frame you’re talking about seems right.

I’m glad you’re feeling more chilled.

The only thing that surprised me was your being told that you’d be discharged to general neurology if you declined to accept the offer of a drug. Heaven knows, I’m no expert but it stands to reason that a patient who is not on a DMT is entitled to exactly the same level of specialist advice, guidance and support from MS clinicians and nurses as one who is.