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1 month ago

At first, I used CBD softgels from Amazon, made by Hofigal, a Romanian company.
I than started using CBD oil imported from Switzerland by a company called Blossom, based in Sunderland.
When I can afford it, I buy CBD oil from Hempworx in the US. It’s expensive at about £75 a bottle, but it’s good quality and you get 30ml bottles. They do naturally flavoured as well as peppermint flavoured CBD oil. As it’s stronger, I can use less.

Please note that this is CBD oil. You can not get ‘high’ on this stuff – THC (cannabis) does that, that is why it is illegal in the U.K.
The recently authorised Savitex contains THC and can cause you to fail police drug tests.
No idea if CBD oil can cause you to fail drug tests. Does anyone know?