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1 month ago

I have drop foot on my right side that gets worse the more I try to do on it or when I am tired. Basically my toe does not pick up enough as I swing my foot forward as I walk so that my toe catches and I can stumble. I think this was bothering me for some time which caused enough gait and muscle issues that I ended up with a hip replacement. Trust me, that did not go smoothly and I still have a poor gait and stumble but at least it doesn’t feel like there is an extra pound of gravel in my hip joint 😉

While my shin muscles are strong and I can lift my toes they are inconsistent in my stride. I can walk 4 or 5 steps and then one time the toe just doesn’t lift as fast or as much. To try to combat I got an AFO (Ankle Foot Orthodic) prescribed during PT and fitted by a professional that is basically like a shoe horn that slips under your heel and continues up the back of your calf and straps on. Depending on the rigidity it allows more or less movement of the ankle. Mine was the “swedish” variety (you can easily find it on Ebay if you search for that) and initially it kept my toes up just enough that they didn’t occasionally drag a bit causing a stumble. Over time it wasn’t enough and I felt it allowed my shin muscles to atrophy just causing more issues. In the UK it seems that the FES devices are preferred and I got fitted for and tried a L300 Go system and liked but ran into a insurance hurdle getting it approved. I have a new job coming up with different insurance so may try for it again.

The only time I have experienced something like MS Hug was immediately following a few of my Copaxone injections. I was like there was a constricting band around my rib cage that just tightened and wouldn’t let go. It seemed to last like 30 seconds (or forever!) and then just quickly fade away…leaving me gasping and wondering if I just had a heart attack. Since it was immediately after taking the injection I just figured that was the issue…did a few deep breathes and went to bed.

Dr Boster has so many good videos I’m sure there is one on Drop foot but I couldn’t find it in a quick search. I know I have watched the one on MS Hug and will share the link:

Good luck-