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1 month ago

Thank you for being open/vulnerable/honest and for sharing this. Great role model behaviour.
Regarding doing things for your self, DO/DELEGATE/DELETE – I learned that from the MS society Fatigue online course. Do what you can, Delegate where you can, Delete it if its not urgent/important/needed (reducing your list of things).
Take it day by day because what you can’t do today, you may be able to do tomorrow or even in the next few hours, accept you may not – that’s OK – try not to be too harsh on yourself.
Negative thoughts need to be removed. When I was first diagnosed in June 2019 I use to say “I’ve lost all who I was, I can’t, I don’t, I’ll never” now with help from MS Pro’s, I honestly say “I’ve gained so much knowledge, I’ve found strength I never knew I had, I’m more capable than I thought, I can, I do, I’ll always” – Be mindful – <3
Embracing aids and asking for support from others, reaching out to MS professionals – occupational therapist, physiotherapists, psychological therapists shows strength-self awareness-realistic-proactive.
Keep talking, reflect daily, what you found easy/challenging – why – what action you took to overcome the difficulties – what did you learn that worked…do that again. You may surprise yourself with how much you actually can do. I wish you all the best xo