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1 month ago

Hello @dominics, I only managed to register fully on the MS register earlier this evening, Coincidentally just before I saw your post. I can’t remember now how I heard about it but it was months ago in the early days of the pandemic. I tried to register so many times. There was a problem the first time I tried to enter my information. I kept getting emails from the register but despite numerous attempts to contact the administrators to explain why I hadn’t completed the questionnaires, I eventually gave up.

My neurologist’s PA asked me if I was on the register when she contacted me in May to arrange a telephone consultation. I explained the problem. However this evening I realised that I may be able to have another attempt at registering if I used an alternative email address. Finally this worked and I am now up and running.

I’m willing to respond to the questionnaires and be involved in the studies and will mention it to my MS team when I am next in contact with them so that I can be linked up. I hope this helps.

PS many thanks for your reply to my first post. I will be in touch, Thank you for the very helpful advice.