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1 month ago

These days most of my bathroom trips have some sense of urgency to them and I have found I need to be attentive to the early signs that I need a rest stop. I used to be able to put off a break until it was convenient…now I need to attend to it immediately…even if it is inconvenient. I have also found that if I skip a day the next day will have extra urgency – so consistent habits on my part seem to help as well. I try not to binge eat and keep to a regular schedule and my body has a more consistent pattern as well.

Dr Boster covers all topics, nothing is off limits 😉 This one on the “down there’s” you may find then informative

He is pro-broccoli ;-0 in contrast to highlanders first hand recommendation. As Dr Boster notes being constipated is also kind of a blessing as the extra time that gives me is helpful and necessary-