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1 month ago

I was Dx in 2005 when there were only a couple of DMTs available but at least there was something! I was on Copaxone for like 9 years and had a few noticeable attacks (promptly shut down with Sol Medrol infusions) and then 4 years on Rebif (no attacks but I had possibly already moved to SPMS) and now transitioned to Ocrevus hoping to shut down any progression which has been slowly creeping up.

I was frequently surprised there were new lesions on my MRI as I hadn’t noticed any attack in that year. In a way this is a good sign as my brain rewired so quickly and effectively I didn’t notice it. But- these days our expectations are a bit higher and I’m glad your Dr has this stance as well. If you watch enough of Dr Boster’s You Tube videos you will hear him compare DMTs to birth control…you take them to prevent attacks and if you have evidence of one it is like having babies show up while you are on birth control…obviously it isn’t working as effectively as you’d like it to be. I thought that was kind of a funny way to get the point across but effective ;-0