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1 month ago

Hi @dalex , good advice from @vixen above.

To answer your questions :-

I can’t help you with law enforcement, but I can understand your concern for your future career. I’d love to say that you’ll be only minimally impacted by MS, but it’s so unpredictable. But your healthcare to date seems to be excellent, so be optimistic.

Hard workouts can make your symptoms “flare”. This is probably due to a rise in your core body temperature, so the flare should be short-lived, as you cool down. Going forward, you might want to consider a cooling vest, to allow you to continue with the intensity of your workouts.

The post-hospital flare could be the “Steroid crash”. With Steroids, you can enjoy some immediate euphoria, but this is short-lived, hence the crash. Alternatively, it could be your MS responding to the stress/worry of the diagnosis. Stress is not good for MS!

Mayzent┬« (Siponimod) is the latest Disease Modifying Therapy (DMT). In Europe, it’s only been approved for Secondary Progressive MS (SPMS), although the FDA has granted it a wider license. As it’s so new, user experience is limited and you’ll need a response from someone in America.

Take care, rest up and relax.