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1 month ago

I started last year on O after being on Copaxone and Rebif after Dx in 2005. I have moved on to SPMS at this point and don’t really have attacks anymore but a slow steady progression…kind of like a slow air leak from a balloon…Over this last year my lower back has started to hurt. I’m also not working so not sitting in my desk chair but am actually more physically active so you’d think I’d be getting better. MRI shows no new lesions, no unusual atrophy or black hole expansion. But if you search for back pain and Ocrevus there are a lot of hits and a lot of comments on the Ocrevus FB site…so I am actually investigating if I should switch to something else. In the past I’ve always had an incredible back which is great as my right hip had to be replaced a few years ago likely due to the poor arch in that foot due to an accessory navicular being removed at 20 yrs old and dislocating my big toe in an auto accident. So – just sayin – it hasn’t been the wonder cure for me 😉 May look into Mayzent or Mavenclad, the other two options my neuro had put out there to consider