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Hi Tara,
I was diagnosed in 2011 and started on Rebif for the first two years. As my RRMS was deemed to be fairly active due to having a few relapses each year on Rebif (albeit them seeming fairly mild relapses bar having Optic Neuritis) I was then switched to Gilenya and I never looked back. Gilenya prevented me from having any relapse at all for 7 years. It was also very convenient just taking a tablet once a day. I didn’t have any side effects either. However, last year I decided to come off it due to wanting to start planning a family. It is not safe to have a baby whilst taking Gilenya, so it’s perhaps important to think about timing for you. Since coming off Gilenya I had a nasty rebound relapse (very poorly for 4 months) but have since started on Tysabri and am now back to being fit and healthy. I am told by my neuro team that Tysabri is deemed relatively safe for conceiving and for taking during the first and second trimester of pregnancy whilst also keeping active RRMS under control.
If I had a choice over Rebif or Gilenya, I would choose Gilenya because my MS is fairly active and Gilenya has good efficacy for preventing disease progression. However if you were planning to have kids in the next 5 years I would probably say to hold off taking gilenya until after kids in order to avoid the difficulties I had coming off it.

Wishing you all the best with whatever you decide 🙂