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1 month ago

Hello @dalex, great that you’ve found Shift already! Firstly, is it a confirmed diagnosis? If so, this would be the most rapid diagnosis I’ve ever encountered! Did you have a lumbar puncture as part of the process, and have they linked this event to any other historical symptoms?

I would say, it’s really important to step back a bit at the moment; being diagnosed doesn’t mean you can’t work and live a normal life, or have families and make plan. But it will mean that you might have to modify lifestyle, or make some subtle changes, to give yourself the best chance at managing the condition. You’ve clearly had what is called a ‘relapse’ and he steroids will boost your recovery. But often, the after-effects can unfold over a longer period of time, sometimes days, sometimes months. In that time, it’s wise not to push yourself too hard in terms of exercise as your body will still be recovering. That’s probably why your tough workout has caused a bit of a flare. It’s great that you work for the force, and perhaps you cold ask to have an Occupation Health Assessment once you go back to work again.

The drug – or DMT – you will be taking – Mayzent – is called Sipinimod in the UK and, as a newish drug, hasn’t been licensed yet. (The US is generally one step ahead is licensing new medications). Another bit of advice; if you do research, only ever use official sites, like this one, MS Trust/Society. It’s easy to google and get completely overwhelmed, or get false information. Stay strong, keep asking questions, and dont’ worry. You got this! 🙂