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1 month ago

@ryba I don’t have glaucoma but optic neuritis was my first MS symptom 20 years ago. I then developed chronic uveitis about a year later which was eyeball pain / like a headache in my eye if that makes sense especially when I moved my eye. My eyeball also felt ‘bulgy’. I’ve been using Maxidex (dexamethasone) eyedrops ever since and now have slow-release steroid implants in both eyes to treat cystoid macular oedema (caused by uveitis). About 25% of MSers have uveitis, so I’m slightly wondering if that is what you have. Whether it’s glaucoma or uveitis there are things that ophthalmologists can do, but you need to see someone asap

So I’d do what your GP says and get yourself to an eye hospital as soon as possible. Opticians aren’t trained to spot everything and they don’t have all the specialised equipment…

Good luck