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1 month ago

@ritam – Hi there and thank you for your kind remarks. I am resurfacing after an all-consuming training regime for –
For what it is worth – the caveat that it is a harder sale at 63 – I’d argue fiercely to be classed as RRMS until events prove otherwise. I’d suggest that it may be rather lazy, you’re older so it must be, thing to do.

If your Doctor is remotely com0assionate they will do what is done informally and off-the-books so to speak and keep you recorded as RRMS for as long as possible in order to allow you to access the widest range of treatment options.

Not knowing your circs this may be well wide of the mark and if it is I apologise. I have also had success is asking sweetly but firmly that a full reason for the diagnosis is made in your medical record detailing the medical reasons why they have chosen to go down a particular path.

There is also an MS Reporters series on clinical trials. This is one of the series covers all trials of any significance that are running around the world. Get in with the MS Nurses. Become a great fun guy/girl to know. Put them on your Christmas card list (I’m now on theirs now!), send the odd choccies. they are your route to everything and can go to bat for you.

But, if poss, insist they treat you as RRMS until there is concrete incontrovertible evidence to the contrary.

Best of luck. Dom