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1 month ago

A friend of mine had vertigo and found relief through some movements (sitting on the edge of a bed and suddenly throwing her head/body up and back with her head turned. Her husband is a Dr so had good home support and advice. It was discovered she had a benign brain tumor and once that was removed it hasn’t recurred and she is doing well.

My step-dad (in his 80’s) also recently experienced vertigo and resolved it more just through time but now he is aware of these movements if it recurs.

I don’t really have vertigo (I did once in my teens when I had the flu- it was awful!) but rather get off kilter if I try to walk and turn my head to look at something. Some can’t walk and chew gum…I can’t walk and turn my head! He said these exercises could help- we’ll see. Can’t see what it will hurt to try!