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1 month ago

I was blaming the strange tingling and burning I was getting in my left hand on MS and brought it up to my Neuro. I am right handed and do spend a lot of time on the computer so it was unlikely to be carpal. A friend of my does OT and said the fingers it was affecting are not carpal tunnel candidates. My neuro said to see my GP and she said to go for a massage and do yoga. The massage person said I had issues with my first rib and that I should see a chiro…he said my first rib wasn’t staying in position, this allowed it to rub up against my collar bone that pinched a nerve running down to my hand. I did some yoga and belly dance (many moves have you hold your arms up at shoulder height and work your shoulders and core).

Once strengthened up a bit and more conscious of my posture it went away…so – Not every problem I have is MS ;-0 that was a good reminder…it may be – but talk to your neuro. Mine is usually adamant that only symptoms coming from the Central Nervous System (brain and spine) should be assumed to be MS and he pushes me to find solutions.