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1 month ago

Hello @mikki131, it’s a blessing that you aren’t too badly affected. And that was indeed a weird statement for your neurologist to make! Having an incurable condition inevitably makes us more contemplative. BUT, in being preoccupied with tomorrow, there is a real fear that we can miss out on the good things about today, and then regret not making the most of things while we still can. In reality, we are all preparing for death as it’s the one thing we’re all heading for. But that doesn’t mean we have to abandon a great quality of life now. There’s no rhyme or reason with MS; some people have many lesions and are majorly affected; others have only one or two, and have considerable difficulties. Maybe that’s what your neurologist is alluding to? I’m a positive person too, and have learnt (against my will!) to block out fears for the future, as it increases anxiety. That said, there’s nothing wrong with setting up your life to take account of possible eventualities. For example, I live in a block which has a lift. Anyways, go on with your life and make the most of each day 🙂