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1 month ago

A lot of good advice above on the employment laws in your country and I encourage you to pursue these routes. Stress is a major component on MS progression and management. That and sleep. Of course exercise and diet also play in but many don’t acknowledge the importance of Stress and Sleep.

I see your prescribed DMT is Copaxone. That is what I was on when diagnosed in 2005 as it was about all was available. Now there are so many other, and more effective, DMTs. It is safe with few side effects so still seen by many neurologists as a good “starter” DMT or for those considering starting a family. If this describes you it may be a good choice. If you want to try to prevent as many lesions as possible that will cause you issues in the future I’d press for a stronger DMT, just what I wish I would have done as soon as there were better options. Since I was still feeling well at the time I wasn’t insistent enough about changing and my neuro wanted the new options to have more time on the market before switching me. I should have been more insistent-

Take care of yourself and take some time to come to terms with your diagnosis. This takes some time. Dr Boster also has a good message to the newly diagnosed that I also wish was around back in 2005 😉