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@elliesmith I feel ya hun. People judge others too much. I deal with self confidence issues as I have all my life, so I see people looking at me funny all the time. I have had RRMS for 25years now. I feel so isolated all the time. I don’t go anywhere, not even to the campground pool. I no energy, ever. I have been dealing with the same things, among others. My stress and anxiety levels have been rising a lot also. I hate going to the drs in general, but since all this covid mess I have had to keep rescheduling. I have been in so much pain that I have been staying in bed most all of the time and I hate it too. I don’t have anything for pain so I messaged my drs and they called me in some hydrocodone, but my pharmacy wouldn’t let me have it bc they said that they sent a prior authorization to my dr but they never got it back so my insurance wouldn’t cover it and I couldn’t get it bc living on SSI, which isn’t much, and paying my lot rent, power and internet, I stay in the hole. Hydrocodone doesn’t do much for me as I have a low tolerance for pain and a high tolerance to meds but at least it would b something. And around and around we go. I have to b at the hospital at 6:30am for an MRI w/Anesthesia bc I couldn’t do it anymore. I went to do a few weeks ago and my pain levels were so high that I got nauseated and had to quit, after about 10 mins. Didn’t even get to start it. Anyways, hang in there and know that ur not alone dear. I know that doesn’t help. Here for u.