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1 month ago

I see that you’re also on copaxone. The business of self-injecting along with the ordering/storing paraphernalia is stressful , yet another thing you’re having to adjust to so I’m not at all surprised that it feels so overwhelming. I was on copaxone for eleven years and the processes certainly do get easier but it takes time. Regarding your work situation, I agree totally with @stumbler. The Equalities Act says that employers have to make ‘reasonable adjustments’. In my case, I moved offices and swapped certain elements of my role – basically more paperwork, less walking around. This meant more sole working and slightly less contact with other team members. That in itself was a relief! I could just get on and get the job done without constant explanations/excuses. I didn’t at all like the admin, because it was basically the bean-counting that no-one else wanted to do, but it was preferable to the kind of day you describe so clearly. In the scheme of things, they were only minor changes but without them I’m not sure how long I could have carried on. Let us know how you get on. Sending hugs, x