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1 month ago

I have nerve damage in my spine and parts In the brain I suffered from double vision for a span of 8 months, I wore an eye patch I lived my life with a full blown relapse for 6 whole months because I didn’t wanna face the truth that I had Ms I just stayed in bed all day and alll night fatigued to the max the second I opened my eyes I wanted to just crawl back into bed but I knew I had a 12 hr day ahead of me, ignored the fact that the reason I have zero balance an double vision because I didn’t want to make having MS a reality In my life I fought the truth for many month just felt myself getting worse and worse, back in March 2019 I got diagnosed my grandmother seen how I was an brought me straight to the emergency and they took me in. I got an IV every morning for 5 days of predizone, I was the happiest man after my
Symptoms went down I was able to keep my balance way better than before. My double vision stayed for 6 months after I was taking the predizone tablets through out whole process