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1 month ago

Good luck to you! I’ve had 3 so far, 2 1/2s and the full. No issues with any of them but a slight reaction in the first one that was just a rash on my cheek my husband noticed. They pushed more Benadryl and then carried on 😉

I managed to play on my PC through the whole infusion although they say most people usually just sleep. I am “sleep resistant” ;-0 It is harder for me to stay asleep the weeks after the infusion…I get to sleep find but don’t manage to stay asleep for more than a couple of hours. I pick up a book, read a bit and get to sleep again.

During the infusion I have apple juice handy to cut the metallic taste of the Sol Medrol and some snacks I can eat with one hand – nuts and dark chocolate for me 😉 Then I mess on my computer and chill out. There is a great FB group for people on Ocrevus and people post lots of tips and questions there as well as pictures of their infusion journey. It seems to be a good group and very supportive- Good luck!