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1 month ago

Hi @ekek, before my 1st dose of Lemtrada in 2015 I could only walk with a walker so I’m very fortunate to walk independently today.
I can walk for a few miles now (never measured) with breaks when needed to continue but heat does drain me faster.
I do have permanent nerve damage on both feet and my left leg which means my feet are always numb and my leg has wierd temperature and skin sensitivities but it has been my normal for so long that I don’t notice it much anymore.
Sometimes I suffer from anxiety and balance issues but mostly when I’m nervous or stressed.
Although I’ve had 3 doses of Lemtrada I do consider them to be a success and my Neuro has always been supportive and encouraging.
I’m very grateful for the treatment opportunities I’ve had and how much better I feel.
Stay safe and keep well 🤗