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1 month ago

Hello @mark_rovetto. I think it’s fair to say we all feel a little like that sometimes. I see from your profile it says you were diagnosed last year. I am a similar age, diagnosed three years ago and I would say that it does get easier but at the moment, you are still probably recovering from being diagnosed. It’s pretty s*** when you think you have your life’s direction sorted, and then this happens. Even those of us with supportive partners and great company feel that distance/loneliness too, it’s a sad bi-product of this condition. I have learned to focus a lot more on ‘this day’ rather than get anxious about what tomorrow might look like. It’s tiresome having to fight, but that’s what we need to do. We have the right to have the best life that we can. Sadly, no one can organise this for us, but we can get help and advice, for example by sing this site. Say strong, you’re an MS Warrior whether you like it or not! Stay connected, keep tuning in….. 🙂