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1 month ago

The words “MS” first appeared on my med chart when I was in my first (and only) pregnancy. In my 2nd trimester I developed a persistant blind spot in one eye. It was small and kidney shaped and in that area there was a black/white zig zag pattern instead of normal vision. There was no pain and no blurriness. I went through a lot of tests and observation (visual field test etc.) At that time (2001) they weren’t sure if MRIs were safe at this stage of fetal development due to inner ear development. I think they now say it is safe. The agreement was once I had delivered I would have further tests to see if the vision issues were ON related to MS.

In the third trimester the blind spot went away. I went into labor 4 weeks early but delivered normally and the baby was fine and while small was healthy and went home at the typical 2 days mark. She was behind the normal growth markers for the first couple of years but then caught up and was a healthy baby and toddler only having an ear infection 2 times. I exclusively breast fed her initially and then introduced solids, etc as typical and then she caught up. She was soon on the top end of the growth charts. She just graduated high school this year – so, obviously everything worked out fine 😉 It is very typical for any MS symptoms a woman has go away in the 3rd trimester. I had MS symptoms (foot sticking out funny all of a sudden one morning) when my daughter was 3 that lead to my official diagnosis of MS.

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