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1 month ago

@constance56 I’ve had it in the back of my mind since Terry Wahl says she was pretty much in one all of the time before she restored herself with her diet. I basically think she had a long overdue remission and if it was triggered by her improving her diet and etc. that is great 😉 but I don’t think I will be reborn by eating more kale ;-0 I do what I can

My Dr has written a “letter of necessity” which is needed for me to use money from my “Health Care Spending Account” to buy one for home and to ask for work to buy one there. I’m in the US so that is our process if I don’t want to pay full retail etc. What type did you get and/or what features does it have? What do you wish it had and what do you find most important?

So good to find someone else using one! Thanks!