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1 month ago

Onto my 10th week or so now – I suppose I was a little over-cautious and would not inject deeply out of fear of it going too far. I have isolated 6 distinct sites that I rotate around, using the autoinjector.
-(thighs (7-8mm), but still not mastered it as thigh fat really varies as you go from the knee upwards).
– abdomen (8mm).
– upper right quadrant of buttocks (6-7mm)!).

The length of the needle (using the autoinjector) for me goes between 6-8mm as you can see. First few would sting, now I don’t really feel it. I guess I am fairly lean on the grand scheme of things, but I have some padding to back me up.

Interesting that you ask, because I made a post asking about needle length too. Only site I really have trouble with is my thighs because I seemingly inject too shallow and the medicine is stuck in the skin for 2 days or so (can literally feel the fluid beneath the skin), but otherwise, I have injected too deep on only one occasion too. Only recently noticed this though.

I never had a face to face appointment, nor a follow-up so have had little guidance. I would recommend keeping a log (i.e. I use an injection tracking app) and each time I inject, I just add another post onto there, with details of needle length, any side-effects and such (and to make sure I am only injecting in that place once a fortnight). That way, you will be able to see what length suits you, is least painful, and most effective. First few weeks are the hardest, then it’s smooth sailing. I also take out the needle around 30 mins to an hour before injecting (because I am aware of subcutaneous insulin injections being painful directly from the fridge, so I would assume the same for this one).