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1 month ago

To me, he sounds like he wants to control you. He may not want or to be with you but by doing this he gets to control you. I am also a single mum, my ex left for greener grass 4 years ago halfway through my diagnosis but I can tell you I’ve done better in 4 years than he has and I was under minded at every corner with by the woman he left me for but for me, I know I’m a damn good mum!! It’s easy to try and manipulate when you’re not feeling your best, have you got a good support system with friends and family?

Haha who doesn’t like an alcoholic beverage, what do you think gets me through it all 😂. You’re an adult, do not let people dictate what you can and cannot do, I work, I’m doing a degree and my kids want for nothing so having a drink or 3 is my treat.

I’ve read your previous posts, you speak 4 different languages, pretty sure that would come in handy for teaching, do an on-line degree if it helps you. You can do this, believe me, MS is not the end of the world. I have my moments, heck lockdown made me questions so many things but myself, as a mother, not once! X