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Wiki says “Abkhazia, also spelled Abkhaziya, autonomous republic in northwestern Georgia that formally declared independence in 1999. Only a few countries—most notably Russia, which maintains a military presence in Abkhazia—recognize its independence. Bordering the eastern shores of the Black Sea, Abkhazia consists of a narrow coastal lowland broken by mountain spurs, followed by a hilly foreland zone of eroded marine and river terraces that merge into the steep slopes of the Caucasus Mountains located to the north.”

So not matching with a country of England…

Regardless – MS is kind of like a comet or an asteroid…you can hope they aren’t real but if scientist say they are on a collision course with you it is best to believe them even if you can’t see them…or a storm on radar that is over the horizon. If the lesions are there in your brain you may currently have enough reserve not to feel the impact but if your reserve drops or you age they could be exposed. That is why treatment is recommended to reduce progression even when you don’t feel the impact. There are also other actions to take such as to get into the best physical shape you can, eat properly, get your sleep and avoid stress.

I didn’t feel any impact for years but always stuck with a DMT (Copaxone to Rebif and now Ocrevus) to stave off the impact as long as I could and have tried to improve (or at least maintain) my condition and clean up my diet eating “real food” now more than before. Always still a “work in progress” but at least moving the right direction with an occasional detour 😉 If you’ve had some warning signs are you now ready to believe your diagnosis?