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1 month ago


Oh darlin
And there’s me waffling on about me mollusks …

Honeybunch you are better off without that weak coward, I am sending a big supportive hug to you and will try and help with my wacky Scouse advice (It will make you laugh if nothing else!?

It’s better you find out now chick – I learnt that the very very hard way

I know in moments of panic I counsel myself,
‘ if in doubt – do nothing and distract yourself until the answer appears .
and it will
The solution will appear once you feel calmer, have faith – even if it is blind at the moment

First-Were you were told that by taking Lemtrada, you-ran a significant risk of hyperthyroidism? (I’ve heard this too many times lately); but at this moment that isn’t your biggest issue …

So…Why a mortgage?
They are so over rated
As is owning your own house
(Especially if you want a council house and council care – which I would go for… so you can use the money from the house for a cleaner, regular helper, a massage, a spanky walking stick/rollator/indoor/ outdoor scooters, the occasional dominoes/massage…

Ask him to give you what he actually owes you – or what you lost on your house; half the cost of moving back to Wakefield

It’s his (v stupid shortsighted) decision to split up; you can’t work at the moment and don’t know when you will be able to…so he is going to have to fairly compensate you and if he doesn’t; then a lawyer will waste years and thousands of his money proving him wrong

And tell him that.

Regain your equilibrium sista

Tell him he is going to have to pay rent for the foreseeable on a nice little bungalow or ground floor flat in Wakefield because his has caused this and therefore if he wants to get rid of you; that’s what he must do.

Get on the housing list in Wakefield now , and with any luck you will get somewhere suitable to live from them soon. Especially when they hear of your circumstances.

When you finally do sort the house… – is he buying you out?

….Then don’t give that man another thought

Think instead of the things and people that make you happy

The sad reality is that you are going to have to rely and depend on no one but yourself (again, learnt that the hard way)

…And then everythin and everyone is a pleasant surprise,
And if he becomes unbearable?

change the locks

Possession is 9/10 of the law after all….he should have thought this through tut tut (crafty clever birds get MS too …and they like to try and help birds like you…)

Success is the best revenge honeybunch – nearly time to get those big girl pants on(After you have spent a whole day eating junk food, crying and watching Netflix of course)

You got this
I/we are right behind you

(Former Mermaidy11 back for now (just been busy havin big time heart probs – but I made it!)