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1 month ago

Hi @aimee


I used to have a cat, a shop (selling art and doing counselling)and a serious art hobby

I found it increasingly difficult to look after the cat, run the shop or make art (Or walk, see, write, drive, in the end …)

So I gave all three up and was very angry about this for a long time

Then I discovered painting by numbers, the joy of free counselling; and after watching Turbo; caught a few snails for my son and I to race… (As u do)

well these little critters revealed them selves to have their own personalities, they are mesmerising, cheap; and the artist in me appreciates their spiral aesthetic

I kept them and they delight and distract me on a daily basis

My hands are too shakey and my eyesight too bad now for even painting by numbers; but every time I crawl past the last painting I did for my daughter (a mermaid), I smile – like MS, it’s the gift that keeps on giving lol

It’s all about adapting, accepting and finding a passion eh?

Good luck chick (I wish I could show you the mermaid for inspiration…but I can’t seem to cut n paste her )

She is proof that you don’t need to have any artistic talent to create art…and Amazon has a kit for virtually every interest under the sun….

Hugs ✨🧜‍♀️✨🌈💛🐌🧡🤪✨