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2 months ago

Hi- it sounds like a crazy time for you. I had my first diagnosed symptoms when my daughter was 2 so didn’t have to manage MD during pregnancy. I had had some symptoms that I now associate with MS before pregnancy but were explained as other things. I developed a blind spot in one eye during pregnancy where the small kidney shaped space was filled with a checkerboard pattern. It was always there and unchanging. I went to a neurologist many times during this trimester and had some tests although they did not want to do MRIs as they weren’t sure how they impacted a fetus back then. They were concerned about inner ear development at that time but I think now they have debunked that. Anyways, in the 3rd trimester the wonderful hormones of pregnancy made all symptoms disappear. This is pretty common, I think, and has been tested to see if they could be useful in treating MS or used during attacks.

This video from Aaron Boster discusses pregnancy and MS that may be helpful:

He talks about some options and all the phases of pregnancy-

Hopefully you are with a good Dr given your medical history and having MS and this video gives you some information helpful in the discussion. Good luck during this time that is stressful enough for anyone and it must be difficult to carry this additional worry. While it would have been better to know I had MS during my pregnancy I’m also kind of glad it wasn’t even on the table.

Good luck and hopefully you find the video helpful and find good professionals to work with-