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2 months ago

Hello all. I am playing devil’s advocate as I like making peace. I can’t speak for @awatsoncraig, but I imagine that what he was alluding to is that we are all unified by one thing – MS – and that therefore gender, race etc doesn’t come into it. Also, labelling people as heteronormative might imply that one can’t empathise with what it might feel like to be gender fluid/LGBT etc. Personally, I like on here when people don’t post a photo, and you haven’t a clue who you might be ‘chatting’ with, ie, there are no preconceptions other than whoever it is you are talking to, you have something in common with them regardless of their identity.

I don’t know @amyshift, maybe there could be an opportunity for distinct corners adjacent to the Shift conference room? That said though, all types of discussions are easily recalled through using the search button, and I imagine that might be more difficult to moderate? I think in this case, there has been genuine misunderstanding of what was meant, and it is a great pity to lose people for this reason 🙁