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2 months ago

@omega-female My mate with MS woks for the mi-ni-stry of de-fen-ce and he is bloody loving it. Gets loads of support, gets upto 25 days to have a “community/ charity” assistance days and as he has MS gets loads of time to recover from relapses and generally take it easy.
I agree that the government/ NHS do look after people but in the private sector we all seem to fall by a bunch of corporate thugs/ arseholes. (most of the time in my experience)

I would love to retrain or start my own business but I need to find my niche (apart from wine) and start something up.
I know a few well off people who have successfully built their own businesses and are that successful that they moan about having to pay so much tax. One thing I’ve never understood is why they don’t employ me as a tax write off and kill two birds with one stone.
I’m thinking of becoming a Gigalo but not sure if I would get much business nowadays.