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2 months ago

It sounds like you are on the right DMT for the time then. I was Dx when my daughter was 2 and was only planning on one child anyway. Also be aware of any issues with breast feeding. Not sure if you intend that (I did and there are health benefits to doing it as well for both you and baby) but that may influence when you’d want to change to a different DMT.

I had a blind spot in an eye in my second trimester that led them to suspect MS but at the time they weren’t sure if MRI’s caused birth defect issues to the developing ear (I think they have said that it is safe now). The spot went away in the third trimester with it’s wonderful hormones. i think many MS issues do. Now when I describe the blind spot the Neurologists say it likely wasn’t Optic Neuritis at all but more likely a long Optical Migraine. Basically being pregnant can cause funny things to happen to a body ;-0 The spot wasn’t serious or large. Just odd and it went away to never come back post-baby although I have had similar brief episodes now close to 20 years later when under stress.