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2 months ago

Hello @lilyloo, I hear you and I get you! Was diagnosed three years ago aged 50, a complete surprise as no previous. I try hard to stay on top of things and keep going but a few weeks ago had my first tumble in the street, had to be picked up by strangers. Not just humiliating, but whacked with the realisation that this thing is here to stay and isn’t going to get better.

That said though, being diagnosed has led to dramatic life changes for me and my husband which have given us a better quality of life. I’m not depressed either, but it’s it’s not easy is it? By weird coincidence, my younger sister was also diagnosed at the same time so at least we have each other for support, although tbh we try to avoid talking about MS. Anyways, I’m like-minded I’m sure, and post on here a fair bit. I’m working from home at the moment and very happy doing that for now. Take care, here if you need support x