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2 months ago

It’s hard to think about the future when there’s actually no apparent need to do so at the moment. I was dxd at age 53 and will shortly be 70. In 2003, the only drugs available were those now considered as less effective (copaxone and the beta interferons). I managed to keeping working for five years f/t in a senior management position with no time off except for surgery/recuperation caused in both cases by falls. But staying well involved a huge effort in terms of keeping fit, diet changes and the rest. All of this became so much easier when I retired and could spend longer doing the things that help the MS and avoid the work stresses that definitely didn’t. What I am saying is – if your goal is to keep working till retirement age, you need the best available drug and you need it now. No question. A lot has been discovered since my diagnosis: 1) brain damage is ongoing and unseen 2) the new drugs can stop/slow right down that process 3) damage already accumulated can’t be corrected. You feel 100% at the minute but damage is taking place under the surface (the iceberg analogy). If a stronger drug had been available to me, I reckon I could have gone on to 62. Make no mistake – MS is a formidable enemy.