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2 months ago

@doryblonde , good luck with your MRI on Thursday. I must admit that I am confused when someone, exhibiting symptoms which maybe MS, is only given an initial brain MS. MS attacks the Central Nervous System (CNS), so both the brain and spinal cord can display lesions. so, the brain and full spine should be scanned to be comprehensive.

The attitude of our Neuro is also important. We want to be listened to and feel that we are being take seriously.

However, it is our prerogative to request a second opinion, if we are not happy. Residing in London can mean that you may be spoiled for choice, dependent on your exact location. So, this may be a future option, if you are still unhappy with your present Neuro.

Do take note of some of the comments above. Neurological problems can be caused/exacerbated by stress.

Whilst you do not have a diagnosis of MS, there’s no reason why your GP can’t prescribe something for for some of your symptoms. The following article may be useful in this respect:-