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2 months ago

Hi- Good to hear that you are doing well and looking for a new neuro if that one wasn’t working out for you. I stayed with one longer than I really should have (through several attacks) and they kept me on the same DMT through that period. To be fair this was before 2010 when we really didn’t have many options and they wanted the “new” ones to have more time on the market before they switched me. But I like Dr Boster’s analogy- think of them as birth control…if you were taking it and got pregnant…would you think it was effective? ;-0

Actually if you want to get pregnant is about the only time, now, that he would recommend Copaxone

So- he has videos of most of the major DMTs available to understand how they work and their side effects to help you in the discussion with your neuro. I moved from Copaxone to Rebif and had no more lesions but that was likely because I was transitioning to SPMS. I am now on Ocrevus for the last year and this fall will have an MRI to check if there is any visible changes. I still have creeping disability but push against it each day. I was Dx in 2005 and for the first 10 years I wasn’t impacted much…so it is important to stay on top of. If you check out more of Dr Boster’s videos he has ones on “progression” that explain the “leaky pool” model that makes the most sense to me…while I am feeling well my symptoms fade away but if my reserve drops they crop above the surface. The more lesions you prevent through the years the better off you will be. I think those being put on more effective DMTs will have a much better long term prognosis and they are already finding that we aren’t sticking to the EPSS scale of predicted disability. We need to keep up the fight 😉

Good luck