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2 months ago

I’ve seen that the two worst things for progression are stress and lack of quality sleep and I find many times for me they go together! and usually when life goes haywire my diet is a mess and I’m not exercising like I should so I really get out of whack. Then I need to refocus and clear my life a bit to focus on me…I think I have my priorities straightened out now and am looking for a new job that will let me primarily work from home as before I was spending too much time commuting to a job that wanted me to spend too many hours in the office.

MS (and many of our DMTs) come with side effects that will result in depression and anxiety so we need to do all we can to set ourselves up for success…I try to follow the recommendations Dr Boster has for diet (real food), exercise and DMTs/medications. I’ve learned a lot from his channel- This is his “4 for 4” recommendations-

Good luck!