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2 months ago

Thanks for replies. I do feel a little better today. I just have to not let it spiral, as I become aware of symptoms, then stress about them and potential future, which just seems to make things worse. Lockdown did make things far worse, due to less movement more than anything I think. I got so sore and stiff. Working from home stuck at computer 8hrs a day just didn’t work for me. After chat with my neuro I took a week off, and then reduced my hours. I am trying to move more as I can tell how that effects me now. Just got to try and stick to new reduced hours .as it seems working from home means everybody expects you to be available all day everyday so am working the same (if not more) for less money (stress !). Hey ho for now I shouldn’t complain I must be doing ok, most people around me have no idea I have MS. I am fine the majority of time, and know there are many worse off. Have a good day all, stay safe xx