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2 months ago

Sleep is one of my issues too…thankfully not getting to sleep but staying asleep and waking too early. It’s been an issue for some time and was the health issue I felt was the most important a couple years ago in a “health assessment” done for work and part of my insurance bonus program was doing a “sleep course” with the Sleepio program. It stressed a lot of sleep hygiene issues that really are helpful, I suppose, but didn’t really straighten me out fully. Not sure if you have tried the common things like improving your sleep environment, no blue light in the room, no computer screen for at least a half hour before bed, stretching, warm milk or tea, guided imagery, meditation, etc. There are a lot of tricks like that. One thing that was useful for me is that if what you are doing isn’t having an effect after like 30 minutes then to stop trying to force it…move on to the next trick or take a break from trying to sleep. I’ll go down to our exercise room (so I don’t disturb anyone) and stretch and watch a show. I usually have a book to read next to bed and when I wake up I try to be positive and think “oh good, I get some undisturbed time to read” and within a half hour am ready to sleep again…just yesterday I found a facebook group of people that take Ocrevus (as I do) and staying asleep was a common issue in the crowd! so it could also be tied to the DMT? and I know sleep is just a common MS issue overall…it can be so frustrating but letting it frustrate me only seems to make it worse 😉