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2 months ago

Not sure what supplements you take or if you are on any specific diet. I make sure to have enough calcium (glass of milk daily) and magnesium (glycinate). I also make sure to stretch daily several times for a few minutes at a time and a longer time thoroughly preferably in the evening. Despite this I was still having spasms late afternoon when I would be sitting quietly and again right at bed time when I wanted to sleep. If I woke in the night they could kick in again…so maybe they woke me?

I told my neuro that I was having fatigue from trying to be more active (weeding, walking, etc. I am beat after only about 30 minutes and used to be able to go on all day) and he prescribed Amantadine. It doesn’t really stop the fatigue but has stopped the spasms which is nice even if it isn’t exactly what I was after.