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2 months ago

@charlotte_wright Thank you, made me feel much better. It does make a difference to talk to fellow MSers. I talk to my partner and immediate family but I can see their concern so l don’t talk and then read everything I can find on the internet!
@vixen LOL, I am in HR! Thankfully I know my rights, sat in so many meetings with staff protected by DDA. Can’t quite get my head around being the one who will be referred to OH though 🤔 I am 52, female. First symptoms at 50. Double vision, pins and needles, numbness and tinnitus. I put it down to stress, convinced myself that my neurologist couldn’t possibly be right (yeh, really what do I know against the specialist!) when he said it was MS symptoms – until he showed me the new legions in my 2nd scan (12 months after my first MRI and 2 months after what I thought was probably a relapse) which really scared me.
@stumbler I like the dots….. that’s exactly my fear. I know I have to put my health first but I am so bad at doing that. I’ve worked incredibly hard to get where I am and it is the silent, can’t be proven discrimination, that I fear. But I may be fearing something that won’t actually happen. I have to learn to be more positive, I think that will come – especially with the support from this forum 🙂