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2 months ago

Hi, @1of3! I wouldn’t worry too much about getting tests done. I’m the eldest of 5, and my younger sister told me she was experiencing something quite similar to my main symptom. I told her to get checked, and that to tell the dr shes closely related to someone with ms. She had a scan, no anomalies, and shes back to normal.
If you, too, dont have any anomalies, they may look at other treatments for your migraine/headaches. However, if you do, the earlier they can start the treatment, the better your outcome. It does not have to mean you will have the same symptoms as your sister. And if you are scared, people are there to help.
I’m roughly 7 years since my first symptom, and I was absolutely terrified when I got told. My Dr, my mum, and even now my partner, keep me calm about everything, and I’m a bit weird because I like to look up scientific articles so I can get excited